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05-03-24 (06:03)   'The Voice' Recap: John Legend Hails a Singer as 'the Best' Coaches Have Seen (AceShowbiz.com)
05-03-24 (04:03)   The Voice Recap: Bono Way! Did the Blinds Just Introduce a Singer On Par With U2's Frontman? (TVLine)
04-03-24 (18:55)   Dune: Awakening Will Let You Zonk People With "The Voice" In Combat (GameSpot)
04-03-24 (18:03)   Jamie Lynn Spears Risks Reigniting Sibling Feud by Attending Britney's Foe Christina Aguilera's Show (AceShowbiz.com)
04-03-24 (13:25)   The voice behind Final Fantasy 14's G'raha Tia was so dedicated to the role, his tongue swelled up on the West End: 'I had to record this in the day doing eight shows a night' (PC Gamer)
03-03-24 (04:28)   'The Voice' Cast Guide — Meet the Judges Taking Over Season 25 (Collider)
02-03-24 (15:13)   Dan + Shay's Double Chair on 'The Voice' Brings New Life to the Show (Collider)
28-02-24 (19:03)   Ratings: The Good Doctor Eyes New Lows (TVLine)
28-02-24 (17:14)   The Voice Winner Huntley Shocked Fans By Canceling Hometown Concert, But His Reason Couldn't Be More Honorable (Cinemabled)
28-02-24 (10:56)   Christina Aguilera puts Las Vegas home on Airbnb with meet & greet, burlesque lesson, boudoir photoshoot (Fox Business)
28-02-24 (06:49)   'The Voice' Recap: Coaches Start Building Their Teams With Amazing Singers (AceShowbiz.com)
28-02-24 (05:14)   Not All Of The Voice Coaches Like When Contestants Audition With Their Songs. See How Dan + Shay Reacted (Cinemabled)
28-02-24 (03:34)   The Voice Recap: Night 2 of the Blinds Invites Us to a 'Block Party' — Plus, Meet the Happiest Guy Alive (TVLine)
27-02-24 (19:34)   Ratings: The Bachelor and NCIS Lead Monday, The Voice Returns No. 2 for the Night (TVLine)
27-02-24 (18:49)   Christina Aguilera 'Starstruck' When She First Met Drew Barrymore (AceShowbiz.com)
27-02-24 (18:16)   Is Reba McEntire Leaving The Voice? She Says... (E! Online)
27-02-24 (18:14)   'The Voice' Clip: All 4 Judges Woo Rapper During Blind Auditions | Exclusive Video (TheWrap.com)
27-02-24 (17:28)   After Rumors Swirled Reba McEntire Was Leaving The Voice, She Did Not Hold Back In Her Response (Cinemabled)
27-02-24 (16:02)   'The Voice': Ex-Contestant Tom Nitti's Girlfriend to Compete on Season 25 (TV Insider)
27-02-24 (11:31)   'The Voice': 4 Best Blind Auditions From Season 25 Premiere (TV Insider)
27-02-24 (06:34)   'The Voice' Season 25 Premiere Recap: Coaches Do Whatever It Takes to Get This Trio on Their Team (AceShowbiz.com)
27-02-24 (05:14)   The Voice's Chance The Rapper Just Used John Legend's Own Song To Steal An Artist, And I Am So Happy He's Back For Season 25 (Cinemabled)
27-02-24 (03:34)   The Voice Recap: Season 25 Premiere Serves Up an All-You-Can-Seat Buffet (TVLine)
27-02-24 (01:17)   Reba McEntire On 'The Voice' Exit Claims: "This Is Not True" (Deadline.com)
26-02-24 (19:11)   How to Watch 'The Voice' Online Without Cable (RollingStone.com)
26-02-24 (18:59)   The Voice Coaches Fire Shots At Blake Shelton After Revealing The Gifts He Sent During Season 25 (Cinemabled)
26-02-24 (17:16)   Reba McEntire Addresses Rumors She's Leaving 'The Voice' (TV Insider)
26-02-24 (15:03)   How to Watch The Voice Season 25 Online (TVLine)
26-02-24 (13:02)   Seeing Double on 'The Voice,' 'Deal Or No Deal Island,' TMZ on Taylor and Travis, A Mixed 'Match' (TV Insider)
24-02-24 (22:42)   'The Voice' Season 25: Release Date, Coaches, and Everything We Know So Far (Collider)
24-02-24 (19:03)   The Voice's New Coaches: Everything You Need to Know About the Sing-Off's First-Ever Coaching Duo, Dan + Shay (TVLine)
24-02-24 (18:14)   The Voice's New Coaches Dan + Shay Reveal Why Being A Duo Might Actually Work Against Them (Cinemabled)
23-02-24 (21:11)   'The Voice' Coaches 'Put a Little Love In Your Heart' Ahead of Season 25 Premiere (RollingStone.com)
23-02-24 (20:02)   'The Voice': Dan + Shay Explain How Shared Choice Button Will Work in Season 25 (TV Insider)
23-02-24 (18:16)   Here's the Corny Gift Blake Shelton Sent The Voice Coaches (E! Online)
21-02-24 (20:18)   Christina Aguilera Opens Doors to 'Glam' Airbnb in Vegas (Hollywood Reporter)
20-02-24 (19:03)   Christina Aguilera Laments Being 'Shamed' for 'Expressing Herself Sexually' (AceShowbiz.com)
20-02-24 (17:29)   Christina Aguilera slams sexism and double standards: 'I've been shamed for being open' (New York Post)
16-02-24 (16:34)   Gwen Stefani Shows Off Romantic Valentine's Day Gift From Blake Shelton (AceShowbiz.com)
15-02-24 (17:31)   Gwen Stefani Reveals Gift Blake Shelton Gave Her for Valentine's Day (E! Online)
15-02-24 (10:25)   Watch Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton Perform 'Purple Irises' on 'Kimmel' (RollingStone.com)
14-02-24 (19:10)   Dina Sherman, the Voice of the Annies, Reflects on 20 Years of Animated Awards (Variety)
12-02-24 (17:20)   The voice actor behind "PEGI 18" says he was paid just €200 (Eurogamer.net)
12-02-24 (09:49)   Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton Praised for 'Purple Irises' Live Debut on Super Bowl TikTok Tailgate (AceShowbiz.com)
11-02-24 (05:46)   DGA Awards Host Judd Apatow Takes On Dual Strikes, Fran Drescher As "The Voice Of Reason", M&As, Byron Allen & Pornhub (Deadline.com)
10-02-24 (21:18)   The Voice For Futurama's Calculon Came From A TV Star, Seinfeld, And An Obscure Cartoon (SlashFilm)
10-02-24 (01:34)   Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton Share Their Fear of Losing Each Other on New Duet 'Purple Irises' (AceShowbiz.com)
09-02-24 (18:34)   Christina Aguilera Flaunts Slimmed-Down Look in Skin-Tight Outfit Amid Ozempic Rumors (AceShowbiz.com)
09-02-24 (06:11)   Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton Pick 'Purple Irises' on Sweet New Single (RollingStone.com)
07-02-24 (15:14)   Blake Shelton Pens Heartbreaking Homage To Toby Keith Following The Country Singer's Death (Cinemabled)
07-02-24 (10:07)   Toby Keith's influence on Taylor Swift, Blake Shelton and country's biggest stars (FOX News)
06-02-24 (17:03)   Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Shut Down Split Rumors by Announcing New Duet 'Purple Irises' (AceShowbiz.com)
05-02-24 (03:02)   Come on Over and See Christina Aguilera's Elegant Grammys 2024 Look (E! Online)
03-02-24 (17:20)   Christina Aguilera 'Experimenting With New Sounds' for New Album (AceShowbiz.com)
02-02-24 (17:46)   The Voice Behind Dark in 'Orion and the Dark' (Ready Steady Cut)
31-01-24 (19:11)   Christina Aguilera, Lionel Richie, Maluma, More to Present at 2024 Grammys (RollingStone.com)
30-01-24 (12:34)   Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton Share Similar Excitement for Food and Drinks at Super Bowl (AceShowbiz.com)
26-01-24 (21:59)   Former Voice Contestant Recalls 'Genuine, Sweet' Run-In She Had With Blake Shelton, And This Warms My Heart (Cinemabled)
26-01-24 (16:16)   Blake Shelton's 'Barmageddon' Fans Make Season 3 Plea (TV Insider)
25-01-24 (14:34)   Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Share Cryptic Posts on IG Amid Rumored Marriage Trouble (AceShowbiz.com)
17-01-24 (18:43)   'CMT Giants' to Celebrate Country Legend Alabama With Blake Shelton, Brad Paisley, Luke Bryan | Exclusive (TheWrap.com)
12-01-24 (15:11)   Baby Shark's Big Movie Cast & Character Guide: What The Voice Actors Look Like (Screen Rant)
11-01-24 (18:14)   'She Really Felt A Connection': The 'Relatable' Reason Why Michelle Williams Really Wanted To Be The Voice Of Britney Spears' Memoir (Cinemabled)
10-01-24 (19:31)   The Voice Alum Lauren Duski Mourns Mom's Death In Moving Post (E! Online)
10-01-24 (13:43)   The voice behind Final Fantasy 14's first fem Hrothgar has been playing the MMO for over 10 years and was nearly a community rep (GamesRadar)
10-01-24 (09:34)   'The Voice' Star Lauren Duski Calls Mom 'Best Friend and Hero' Following Her Passing (AceShowbiz.com)
09-01-24 (22:00)   'The Voice' star Lauren Duski mourns mother's death after apparent suicide: 'My best friend and hero' (New York Post)
09-01-24 (18:54)   'This game means more to me than any other': The voice of Final Fantasy 14: Dawntrail's first hrothgar lady has been playing since before the game's 2013 revamp (PC Gamer)
07-01-24 (20:45)   Rumor Has It The Voice Producers Aren't Happy With Talent, But It's True The Show Hasn't Had Breakthrough Winners Like American Idol Did (Cinemabled)
05-01-24 (04:32)   Christina Aguilera Postpones Las Vegas Residency Dates, Cites The Flu (Deadline.com)
04-01-24 (21:45)   'It Sucks': The Story Behind Blake Shelton's Hilariously Bad Tattoo (Cinemabled)
04-01-24 (19:44)   Christina Aguilera postpones Las Vegas residency shows due to illness (NME.COM)
04-01-24 (19:41)   Music Industry Moves: UTA Signs Christina Aguilera; Virgin Music Group Acquires Saban Music Latin (Variety)
04-01-24 (16:34)   Christina Aguilera Apologizes for Calling Off Two Las Vegas Shows Due to Flu (AceShowbiz.com)
04-01-24 (06:03)   Kelly Clarkson Accuses Ex Brandon Blackstock of Discouraging Her From 'The Voice' Gig (AceShowbiz.com)
04-01-24 (01:03)   Christina Aguilera Signs With UTA (Deadline.com)
03-01-24 (23:13)   Here's what Christina Aguilera played at the opening of her Las Vegas residency (NME.COM)
03-01-24 (13:02)   GTA 6 Is Going To Be The 'Biggest Game Ever,' Says The Voice And Face Of GTA 5's Michael De Santa (PlayStation Universe)
03-01-24 (00:43)   Kelly Clarkson's then-hubby told her she wasn't 'sexy' enough like Rihanna to be on 'The Voice': singer (New York Post)
02-01-24 (21:28)   Blake Shelton Slammed As An 'Embarrassment,' As Fans Express Confusion Over 'Live' New Year's Eve Performance (Cinemabled)
02-01-24 (20:25)   Bree Runway Freaks Out After Christina Aguilera Interludes Her Song at Vegas Show (RollingStone.com)
02-01-24 (17:43)   'Embarrassment' Blake Shelton dragged for pre-recorded New Year's Eve performance (New York Post)
02-01-24 (06:20)   Blake Shelton Rejoices at His Brand New Kubota RTV After Slammed Over NYE Performance (AceShowbiz.com)
01-01-24 (15:11)   Christina Aguilera Dazzles With Diamonds and 'Burlesque' at Opulent Vegas Residency Opening (RollingStone.com)
30-12-23 (18:45)   After Blake Shelton Announced He Was Leaving The Voice, Gwen Stefani's Exit Was Inevitable (Cinemabled)
27-12-23 (22:41)   The Best, Most Star-Studded New Year's Eve Parties Happening This Weekend (And How to Score Tickets) (Variety)
27-12-23 (21:42)   What to Know About Christina Aguilera's Las Vegas Residency (and How to Find Cheap Tickets Online) (RollingStone.com)
25-12-23 (21:45)   Blake Shelton On The Best Part Of Being Married To Gwen Stefani: 'I Didn't Know That Was Possible' (Cinemabled)
23-12-23 (21:20)   Christina Aguilera Preparing 'Impressive Set' for 'Sexy' Las Vegas Residency Show (AceShowbiz.com)
22-12-23 (22:14)   Reba McEntire Quoting Sir Mix-A-Lot Went Viral On TikTok, And I Can't Stop Laughing At The Voice Coaches' Reactions (Cinemabled)
22-12-23 (20:20)   Was Percy Jackson Moment Magical? Why'd SNL Not Bring Back Giuliani? Why Did The Voice Top 5 Freak Out? And More TV Qs! (TVLine)
21-12-23 (20:43)   Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are spending NYE apart — here's why (New York Post)
21-12-23 (19:59)   After Winning The Voice, Huntley Shares Niall Horan Factored Into Win Christmas (Cinemabled)
21-12-23 (15:56)   Who Is "The Voice" & Man In Percy's Nightmares? Episodes 1 & 2 Set Up Major Future Villain (Screen Rant)
21-12-23 (15:11)   Christina Aguilera Teases Vegas Residency With Rehearsal of Rare 'Burlesque' Song (RollingStone.com)
20-12-23 (20:29)   Lost Odyssey: Shadows of Destiny Is a One-Shot Set in Avatar Legends With the Voice Actors of Aang and Toph (IGN.com)
20-12-23 (19:45)   Who Are the Most Successful 'The Voice' Winners? 13 Who Reached the Billboard Hot 100 (TV Insider)
20-12-23 (19:20)   The Voice's Winner Lets Loose on Hair-Raising Speculation, Their Scariest Number and Sweet Vindication (TVLine)
20-12-23 (16:02)   The Winner of The Voice Season 24 is... (E! Online)
20-12-23 (13:31)   'The Voice' Season 24 Winner Revealed - Fans React (TV Insider)
20-12-23 (12:20)   Christina Aguilera Celebrates Birthday With Daughter Summer Rain in Sweet Video (AceShowbiz.com)
20-12-23 (05:34)   'The Voice' Finale Recap: Season 24 Winner Puts a Coach on Winning Streak (AceShowbiz.com)
20-12-23 (05:28)   The Voice Named Its Season 24 Winner, And It Seems Like Blake Shelton Really Did Pass The Torch (Cinemabled)
20-12-23 (05:03)   'The Voice' Crowns Season 24 Winner (Deadline.com)
20-12-23 (05:03)   The Voice Season 24 Finale Recap: And the Winner Is... (TVLine)
20-12-23 (05:00)   'The Voice' Season 24 Winner Revealed: Who Claimed the $100,000 Prize and Record Deal? (TheWrap.com)
19-12-23 (21:55)   How to Watch 'The Voice' Season 24 Finale Online (Variety)
19-12-23 (14:02)   'The Voice': See The Final 5 Perform - Who Is Going to Win? (VIDEO) (TV Insider)
19-12-23 (05:20)   'The Voice' Recap: Top 5 of Season 24 Perform for the Last Time in Live Finale (AceShowbiz.com)
19-12-23 (05:14)   Who Should Win The Voice Season 24, Based On The Finale Performances? (Cinemabled)
19-12-23 (04:03)   The Voice Finale Recap: The Top 5 Throw Down to See Who Winds Up Season 24's Winner (TVLine)
18-12-23 (19:26)   James McCaffrey, the voice of Max Payne and Alan Wake 2's Alex Casey, has died (Digital Trends)
18-12-23 (19:18)   James McCaffrey, the voice of Max Payne and Alan Wake 2's Alex Casey, has died (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
18-12-23 (18:39)   James McCaffrey, the voice of Max Payne, has died (PC Gamer)
18-12-23 (18:27)   The voice of Max Payne, actor James McCaffrey, has passed away at age 65 (Neowin.net)
18-12-23 (17:16)   James McCaffrey, The Voice Of Max Payne, Has Passed Away (Pure Xbox)
18-12-23 (17:15)   James McCaffrey, the voice of Max Payne has died (GamesIndusty.biz)
18-12-23 (13:02)   Get Cooking With Lidia & Mary Berry, Prime Time Games ('Password,' 'Price Is Right'), 'The Voice' Live Finale (TV Insider)
16-12-23 (20:20)   The Voice Season 24 Poll: Who Will Win? And Who Should? (TVLine)
16-12-23 (14:58)   Grimes is the voice of a new AI children's plush toy called 'Grok' (NME.COM)
16-12-23 (06:49)   Blake Shelton Admits It's Been 'Hard' to Cut Back on Drinking as He Shares New Year's Resolution (AceShowbiz.com)
14-12-23 (20:14)   Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani Have A Cool Christmas Tradition, And I Want To Try It (Cinemabled)
13-12-23 (20:31)   'The Voice': Who Is Going to Win Season 24? (POLL) (TV Insider)
13-12-23 (19:31)   'The Voice' Top 5: Fans React After Shock Eliminations (TV Insider)
13-12-23 (18:03)   Trace Adkins, Blake Shelton & Morgan Wallen Among Country Music Stars Added To CBS' 'New Year's Eve Live: Nashville's Big Bash' (Deadline.com)
13-12-23 (06:14)   The Voice's Gwen Stefani Jokingly Demands A Recount After Her Final Artist Was Eliminated In The Semifinals (Cinemabled)
13-12-23 (05:20)   'The Voice' Recap: 5 Season 24 Finalists Announced on Semi-Finals Results Show (AceShowbiz.com)
13-12-23 (04:03)   The Voice Semi-Finals Results-Show Recap: Which Four Singers Said Ta-Ta After a Night of Tay-Tay? (TVLine)
12-12-23 (22:45)   'The Voice' Announces Star-Studded Performance Lineup for Season 24 Finale (TV Insider)
12-12-23 (21:55)   "The Voice" Announces Star-Studded Performance Lineup for Season 24 Finale (The Futon Critic)
12-12-23 (18:02)   'The Voice': Has New Favorite to Win Emerged After Top 9 Perform? (TV Insider)
12-12-23 (06:59)   The Voice's Top 9 Artists Tackled Taylor Swift In The Semifinals. Which Trio Did It Best? (Cinemabled)
12-12-23 (06:03)   'The Voice' Recap: Top 9 Artists Perform Fan-Chosen Songs for Semi-Finals (AceShowbiz.com)
12-12-23 (04:03)   The Voice Top 9 Recap: Which Singers' Fans Picked Them a Winner? (TVLine)
10-12-23 (23:45)   After Leaving The Voice Amid Custody Battle, Team Reba Contestant Sounds Off (Cinemabled)
08-12-23 (06:49)   EA reveal Tales of Kenzera: Zau, a metroidvania about grief from the voice of Assassin's Creed: Origins (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
07-12-23 (20:59)   Blake Shelton May Be Off The Voice, But He's Still Way More Involved With The NBC Show Than You'd Think (Cinemabled)
07-12-23 (17:20)   The Voice's Tom Nitti Explains Abrupt Departure From Season 24: 'It All Happened So Quickly' (TVLine)
07-12-23 (15:02)   'The Voice': Team Reba's Tom Nitti Reveals Shock Reason He Quit Show (TV Insider)
06-12-23 (05:49)   'The Voice' Recap: One Singer Eliminated After Instant Save Performances in Live Top 12 Results (AceShowbiz.com)
06-12-23 (04:03)   The Voice Top 12 Results-Show Recap: ... and Away Three Go (TVLine)
05-12-23 (20:20)   Monday Ratings: Kitchen Nightmares Ends Season on Low Note (TVLine)
05-12-23 (14:45)   'The Voice': Reba McEntire Moved to Tears After Ruby Leigh's 'You Lie' (VIDEO) (TV Insider)
05-12-23 (12:59)   Law And Order's Ice-T Channeled His Inner Fin To Interrogate Blake Shelton, And Now I Miss SVU More Than Ever (Cinemabled)
05-12-23 (06:20)   'The Voice' Recap: 12 Singers Take the Stage for First Live Show Performances (AceShowbiz.com)
05-12-23 (05:45)   The Voice Went Live For The First Time In Season 24, But I'm Bummed About The Voting Restrictions (Cinemabled)
05-12-23 (04:03)   The Voice Recap: Which of the Top 12 Sang Like They Were Bound for the Semi-Finals... and Beyond! (TVLine)
03-12-23 (01:03)   The Voice's Top 12: Which Singers Are Least Likely to Make the Semifinals? (TVLine)
02-12-23 (14:49)   Christina Aguilera Defended by 'True Fans' After Backlash Due to Unrecognizable Look (AceShowbiz.com)
30-11-23 (18:59)   After Gavin Rossdale Said He And Gwen Stefani Don't Co-Parent, Blake Shelton Shared His View On Being A Stepfather (Cinemabled)
29-11-23 (05:45)   After The Voice Sets The Top 12, Is Gwen Stefani At A Disadvantage To Win Season 24? (Cinemabled)
29-11-23 (05:34)   'The Voice' Recap: Team John Legend Performs for Playoffs Ahead of Live Shows (AceShowbiz.com)
29-11-23 (04:03)   The Voice Recap: Did the Last of the Playoffs Unearth a Legend in the Making? (TVLine)
28-11-23 (18:29)   'The Voice' Coach Niall Horan Pleads for Another Steal After 'Incredible' Playoff Performance | Exclusive Video (TheWrap.com)
28-11-23 (14:02)   'The Voice': Ruby Leigh Wows With Linda Ronstadt Song as Tom Nitti Exits for 'Personal Reasons' (TV Insider)
28-11-23 (05:45)   Niall Horan Got Called Out For His Nickname For Gwen Stefani On The Voice, And Now I'm Convinced Blake Shelton Really Did Adopt Him (Cinemabled)
28-11-23 (05:34)   'The Voice' Recap: Reba McEntire and Gwen Stefani's Teams Perform for Playoffs Part 2 (AceShowbiz.com)
28-11-23 (04:03)   The Voice Playoffs Recap: Did the Right Singers Advance — and Where Was [Spoiler]? (TVLine)
24-11-23 (19:03)   Did Voice Choice Dumbfound You? How Did DWTS Not Play 'Mirrorball'? Did All Rise Finale Merely Whelm? Macy's Parade Snubbed Saul?! More Qs! (TVLine)
24-11-23 (15:14)   I've Been Thinking About Blake Shelton's Reasons For Leaving The Voice Lately, And It Makes Me Even More Frustrated With The Coaches In Season 24 (Cinemabled)
22-11-23 (18:34)   Ratings: NCIS: Sydney Audience Dips in Week 2, as DWTS and The Voice Dominate Night (TVLine)
22-11-23 (15:31)   'The Voice' Fans React After Niall Horan Makes Shocking Elimination (TV Insider)
22-11-23 (05:28)   The Voice Highlighted Team Niall On The First Night Of Playoffs, But Fans Think He Just Sent Home The Winner (Cinemabled)
22-11-23 (05:20)   'The Voice' Recap: Team Niall Horan Hits the Stage for Playoffs Part 1 (AceShowbiz.com)
22-11-23 (04:03)   The Voice Recap: Niall Horan Dumps Season 24's Surefire Winner on Night 1 of the Playoffs (TVLine)
20-11-23 (19:59)   Blake Shelton Has A Strong Opinion About Putting Up Christmas Decorations Before Thanksgiving, And I Couldn't Agree More (Cinemabled)
20-11-23 (19:02)   'Barmageddon' Sneak Peek: Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani Battle It Out in Air Cannon Cornhole (VIDEO) (TV Insider)
18-11-23 (20:42)   Singers Who Could Have Replaced Blake Shelton on The Voice Season 24 (Screen Rant)
18-11-23 (05:49)   Blake Shelton Doesn't Miss Being on 'The Voice' After 2022 Exit (AceShowbiz.com)
18-11-23 (00:14)   Blake Shelton doesn't miss 'The Voice' at all: 'I stayed too long' (New York Post)
17-11-23 (22:25)   Blake Shelton Says He 'Stayed Too Long' to 'Miss' Being on 'The Voice' (RollingStone.com)
15-11-23 (18:20)   Blake Shelton Notices 'Different Side' of Gwen Stefani After Living Country Life (AceShowbiz.com)
15-11-23 (16:02)   'The Voice': See John Legend, Gwen Stefani & Niall Horan All Cry Over 'Underdog' Singer (TV Insider)
15-11-23 (05:34)   'The Voice' Recap: Final Knockouts, Carson Daly's Interesting Offer for Coaches (AceShowbiz.com)
15-11-23 (05:28)   The Voice: Watch The Performance That Moved John Legend To Tears In The Season's Most Emotional Elimination Yet (Cinemabled)
15-11-23 (04:03)   The Voice Recap: The Knockouts End With a Stunning Sing-Off — and a Game-Changing Twist (TVLine)
14-11-23 (21:45)   An Axe-Wielding Kelly Clarkson Joked About Her Divorce As She Reunited With The Voice Rival Blake Shelton (Cinemabled)
14-11-23 (20:45)   Blake Shelton Shares Insight Into Life in Oklahoma With Gwen Stefani (E! Online)
14-11-23 (13:45)   'The Voice': 16-Year-Old Ruby Leigh Wows Coaches With LeAnn Rimes Song (VIDEO) (TV Insider)
14-11-23 (04:49)   'The Voice' Recap: Niall Horan Fails to Steal One Singer in Knockouts Part 3 (AceShowbiz.com)
14-11-23 (04:20)   The Voice Recap: A Half-Dozen (!) More Singers Knocked Out Ahead of Season 24's Playoffs (TVLine)
13-11-23 (18:05)   The Voice Contestants You May Not Know Passed Away (Looper)
13-11-23 (11:55)   The Voice of Innovation: How Ahmad Hafar's Sound Strategy is Reshaping Business in Dubai (BeInCrypto)
12-11-23 (21:02)   'Barmageddon': Blake Shelton Teases Gwen Stefani Face-Off & New Games in Season 2 (TV Insider)
12-11-23 (19:45)   Blake Shelton Is Returning To TV This Week, And I Can't Wait To See Him Reunite With Kelly Clarkson (Cinemabled)
10-11-23 (22:43)   The Voice Of FFXVI's Protagonist Stans His Favorite Final Fantasy During Acceptance Speech (Kotaku)
10-11-23 (19:14)   A Day Before Wynonna Judd's CMA Performance That Worried Fans, She Opened Up On The Voice About Learning Of Her Mom Naomi's Death (Cinemabled)
10-11-23 (15:51)   Starfield very nearly had you playing as the voice of Deus Ex's Adam Jensen (Destructiod)
09-11-23 (20:31)   Why Blake Shelton Is Trolling Gwen Stefani for The Voice Return (E! Online)
09-11-23 (18:28)   I'm Amused With Blake Shelton's BTS Story About What Happened With Him Exiting The Voice Right When Gwen Stefani Was Returning (Cinemabled)
08-11-23 (20:02)   Why Niall Horan Is Missing From 'The Voice' (TV Insider)
08-11-23 (19:03)   Ratings: The Voice Dominates in Audience, Ties for Tuesday Demo Win (TVLine)
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08-11-23 (05:34)   'The Voice' Recap: Niall Horan Replaced By Season 25 Coaches on Knockout Rehearsals (AceShowbiz.com)
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08-11-23 (04:03)   The Voice Recap: Night 2's Knockouts Put Three Singers Down for the Count — Plus, Niall Horan Replaced?!? (TVLine)
07-11-23 (05:59)   The Voice Is About To Introduce Next Season's Coaching Duo Dan + Shay, But I Just Want More Of Wynonna Judd ASAP (Cinemabled)
07-11-23 (04:49)   'The Voice' Recap: Knockouts Begin, Wynonna Judd Is Introduced as Season 24 Mega Mentor (AceShowbiz.com)
07-11-23 (04:03)   The Voice Recap: As the Knockouts Begin, It's Steal or No Steal (TVLine)
05-11-23 (20:42)   Everything We Know About The Voice Actors In The New Rick And Morty Episodes (Screen Rant)
01-11-23 (22:49)   Halloween Ratings: World Series Grows, The Voice Hits Season Lows (TVLine)
01-11-23 (15:31)   'The Voice': Niall Horan & Gwen Stefani Left in Tears After Shock Elimination (TV Insider)
01-11-23 (12:55)   'Burlesque' Stage Musical Set to Premiere in Manchester Next Summer (Variety)
01-11-23 (05:34)   'The Voice' Recap: Niall Horan Steals Singer From John Legend's Team (AceShowbiz.com)
01-11-23 (03:03)   The Voice Recap: Night 5 of the Battles Scares Up a Steal That's More Trick Than Treat (TVLine)
31-10-23 (20:55)   "The Voice" Announces Country Music Icon Wynonna Judd as Season 24 Mega Mentor (The Futon Critic)
31-10-23 (20:34)   TVLine Items: Wynonna Judd Joins Voice, Fourth Wing Series, GH Return and More (TVLine)
31-10-23 (20:14)   Wynonna Judd Joins 'The Voice' Season 24 as Mega Mentor (TheWrap.com)
31-10-23 (20:10)   Wynonna Judd to Join 'The Voice' as Season 24 Mega Mentor (TV News Roundup) (Variety)
31-10-23 (20:03)   Wynonna Judd Joins 'The Voice' Season 24 As Mega Mentor (Deadline.com)
31-10-23 (20:02)   Meet the Country Music Icon Named The Voice's New Mega Mentor (E! Online)
31-10-23 (20:02)   'The Voice': Wynonna Judd Joins as Season 24's Mega Mentor (TV Insider)
31-10-23 (13:02)   'The Voice': See How Reba McEntire Reacted to 'Jolene' Performance (TV Insider)
31-10-23 (04:03)   'The Voice' Recap: Coaches Continue to Steal Singers as Battles Get Fiercer (AceShowbiz.com)
31-10-23 (03:03)   The Voice Recap: It's Duet-or-Die as the Battles Usher Five Contestants to the Exit (TVLine)
29-10-23 (18:02)   'The Voice': 7 Times John Legend & Niall Horan Have Battled This Season (VIDEO) (TV Insider)
27-10-23 (18:14)   'The Voice' Clip: John Legend and Niall Horan Wowed by Cover of Olivia Rodrigo's 'Traitor' (Exclusive Video) (TheWrap.com)
25-10-23 (21:34)   Ratings Report: Which Shows Are Having the Strongest Fall So Far? (TVLine)
25-10-23 (16:16)   'The Voice': Reba McEntire Gets Annoyed Over Bee Gees Song (TV Insider)
25-10-23 (05:49)   'The Voice' Recap: John Legend Steals Four-Chair Turner Singer From Reba McEntire's Team (AceShowbiz.com)
25-10-23 (04:03)   The Voice Recap: Night 3 of the Battles Makes Casualties of Blondie and the Bee Gees (TVLine)
25-10-23 (00:14)   Britney Spears says conservatorship kept her from getting 'messed up' like Christina Aguilera (New York Post)
24-10-23 (14:02)   'The Voice': Gwen Stefani Makes Shocking Steal From Team Reba (VIDEO) (TV Insider)
24-10-23 (07:49)   Britney Spears Left Bitter by Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera's Joint Tour (AceShowbiz.com)
24-10-23 (05:45)   Reba McEntire Didn't Hold Back With Her Battle Critiques On The Voice, And I'm Loving It From The Rookie Coach (Cinemabled)
24-10-23 (05:42)   Kelly Clarkson Is Victorious on Christina Aguilera's 'Fighter' (RollingStone.com)
24-10-23 (05:20)   'The Voice' Recap: Gwen Stefani and Niall Horan Fight Over Steal in Battles Part 2 (AceShowbiz.com)
24-10-23 (04:03)   The Voice Recap: Night 2 of the Battles Deals Out Four Cuts, Two Steals and a Well-Deserved Fainting Spell (TVLine)
21-10-23 (16:58)   The voice of Baldur's Gate 3's most unhinged romance option didn't know they were romanceable: "The most awkward thing was recording the sounds" (GamesRadar)
20-10-23 (19:14)   Blake Shelton Sent A Sweet Message To Gwen Stefani After She Landed A Hollywood Star, But I'm Totally Distracted By Her Star-Spangled Skirt (Cinemabled)
20-10-23 (15:11)   Angry Birds, 'The Voice', Warner Music Artists to Launch Avatar Skins via Ready Player Me (Decrypt.co)
20-10-23 (11:14)   'The Voice' Host John Legend Promotes Radical Ohio Abortion Ballot Measure During Early Voting (Breitbart.com)
20-10-23 (11:03)   Gwen Stefani Moved to Tears by 'Jokester' Blake Shelton's 'Actual Speech' at Walk of Fame Ceremony (AceShowbiz.com)
19-10-23 (23:02)   Gwen Stefani's Kids Are All Grown Up on Red Carpet With Blake Shelton (E! Online)
19-10-23 (17:24)   Gwen Stefani Talks Fame, Family, No Doubt, and Receiving Her Star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame (Variety)
19-10-23 (17:14)   Blake Shelton announces 2024 'Back To The Honky Tonk Tour.' Get tickets now (New York Post)
19-10-23 (14:51)   Australians Were Right to Reject the Racial Discrimination of The Voice (The Daily Sceptic)
18-10-23 (20:45)   Kelly Clarkson Opened Up About Why She Left The Voice, And Yikes, It Doesn't Sound Like She'll Be Back Anytime Soon (Cinemabled)
18-10-23 (19:00)   Christina Aguilera would 'rather not' be in Britney Spears' bombshell memoir (New York Post)
18-10-23 (16:57)   Kelly Clarkson Confirms The Voice Exit (TV Fanatic)
18-10-23 (15:49)   Kelly Clarkson Says She's Not Returning to The Voice: 'That Was Me Saying Bye' (TVLine)
18-10-23 (15:11)   Kelly Clarkson Thought Leaving 'The Voice' was a 'Horrible Decision,' But She Wanted to Smile Again (RollingStone.com)
18-10-23 (14:45)   'The Voice': John Legend & Gwen Stefani Face Off in Season 24's First Steal (TV Insider)
18-10-23 (07:03)   Kelly Clarkson Has No Plans To Return To 'The Voice' After NYC Move: "That Was Me Saying Bye" (Deadline.com)
18-10-23 (06:03)   'The Voice' Recap: Coaches Make First Steal Attempt in 'Battle Rounds' Premiere (AceShowbiz.com)
18-10-23 (04:59)   The Voice Season 24: 5 Contestants Who Totally Should Have Made It Past The Blind Auditions (Cinemabled)
18-10-23 (04:03)   The Voice Recap: Season 24's Battles Claim Their First Casualties (TVLine)
17-10-23 (21:14)   What do tickets cost for Christina Aguilera's Las Vegas residency? (New York Post)
17-10-23 (14:45)   How Christina Aguilera Feels About Britney Spears' Upcoming Memoir (E! Online)
17-10-23 (13:45)   'The Voice': Dylan Carter's Emotional Audition Makes Reba McEntire Cry (VIDEO) (TV Insider)
17-10-23 (05:28)   John Legend Is The Voice's Four-Chair King, But I'm Fired Up About Reba McEntire's Team For One Completely Different Reason (Cinemabled)
17-10-23 (04:49)   'The Voice' Recap: Coaches Complete Their Teams on Final Night of Blind Auditions (AceShowbiz.com)
17-10-23 (04:03)   The Voice Recap: The Last of the Blinds Leave Tears in the Coaches' Eyes (TVLine)
16-10-23 (22:45)   Gwen Stefani Explains Why It's 'Frustrating' That Blake Shelton Left The Voice And What It's Been Like Without Him (Cinemabled)
16-10-23 (14:16)   Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Confirms Matthew Mercer As The Voice Of Vincent Valentine (PlayStation Universe)
16-10-23 (12:01)   Even the voice of Baldur's Gate 3's Halsin didn't expect this many people to be this into bear sex (VG247)
16-10-23 (10:05)   Australia's Emphatic Rejection of the Voice to Parliament at the Weekend's Referendum Reveals Some Home Truths (The Daily Sceptic)
15-10-23 (17:02)   'Rick and Morty' Returns: See the Voice Cast vs. the Characters (TV Insider)
14-10-23 (17:36)   The Big Bang Theory: Is Bernadette Also The Voice Of Howard's Mom? (Looper)
14-10-23 (13:51)   Australia Enjoys its Brexit Moment, as Voters Reject Proposal to Enshrine a 'Voice' For Indigenous People in its Constitution (The Daily Sceptic)
13-10-23 (23:03)   Christina Aguilera and Latto Channel Their Inner Opera Singers on Just Eat Campaign (AceShowbiz.com)
13-10-23 (19:16)   See The Voice Contestant Who Brought Reba McEntire to Tears (E! Online)
13-10-23 (16:42)   Michelle Williams to Provide the Voice of Britney Spears in 'The Woman in Me' Audiobook (RollingStone.com)
13-10-23 (14:06)   AI brings back the voice of a deceased Cyberpunk 2077 actor for Phantom Liberty (TheVerge)
13-10-23 (01:50)   Cyberpunk 2077 used AI to replicate the voice of a deceased voice actor (Shacknews)
12-10-23 (23:14)   'The Voice' Dominates Reality-Packed Fall TV Lineup | Charts (TheWrap.com)
12-10-23 (17:34)   Meghan Markle Encourages Carson Daly to Forget Protocol at Archewell Foundation (AceShowbiz.com)
11-10-23 (23:59)   Britney Spears Made A Surprise Appearance On The Voice To Send Love To Her Former Backup Dancer (Cinemabled)
11-10-23 (19:20)   Ratings: MLB and The Voice Lead Tuesday; DWTS and NBC's Found Dip (TVLine)
11-10-23 (15:58)   Christina Aguilera announces 'A Truly Modern Twist' Las Vegas gigs (NME.COM)
11-10-23 (14:02)   'The Voice': Caleb Stasser's Stunning Audition, Plus 'Top Chef Jr.' Contestant Wows Reba McEntire (TV Insider)
11-10-23 (07:34)   'The Voice' Recap: Contestant Brings 'Magical' Performance in Night 6 of Blind Auditions (AceShowbiz.com)
11-10-23 (05:28)   Blake Who? Niall Horan Hilariously Called Gwen Stefani Out For Flirting With A Contestant On The Voice (Cinemabled)
11-10-23 (04:03)   The Voice Recap: Chair You Have It — Five Singers' Blinds Make the Coaches See Stars (TVLine)
11-10-23 (00:31)   See The Voice Coaches Deliver Real Housewife Taglines (E! Online)
10-10-23 (22:20)   Ratings: The Irrational Steady in Week 3, The Voice Leads Monday's Non-NFL Fare (TVLine)
10-10-23 (21:00)   Christina Aguilera announces 'intimate' Las Vegas residency: details (New York Post)
10-10-23 (18:14)   'The Voice': 15-Year-Old Wows Niall Horan by Performing Coach's Song 'This Town' (Exclusive Video) (TheWrap.com)
10-10-23 (14:31)   'The Voice': Bobby Womack's Niece Wows Coaches with Amy Winehouse Cover (VIDEO) (TV Insider)
10-10-23 (06:34)   'The Voice' Recap: Coaches Give Out the 15th Four-Chair Turn (AceShowbiz.com)
10-10-23 (05:28)   After The Voice Contestant Auditioned With Kelly Clarkson Song, Reba McEntire Fondly Recalled First Meeting Her Former Daughter-In-Law (Cinemabled)
10-10-23 (04:03)   The Voice Recap: A Rasp-Kicking Blind Audition Leaves Niall Horan Begging a Singer to Move In His One Direction (TVLine)
09-10-23 (22:14)   Rumor Has It Reba McEntire Is Having Struggles On The Voice, But As A Fan Of The Show I'm Just Not Buying It (Cinemabled)
09-10-23 (19:02)   Which Songs Have Gotten the Most Chair Turns on 'The Voice'? (VIDEO) (TV Insider)
08-10-23 (17:03)   Gwen Stefani Turns Into 'Flower Nerd' After Marrying Blake Shelton (AceShowbiz.com)
06-10-23 (22:57)   The voice cast of Detective Pikachu Returns (PC Invasion)
05-10-23 (12:54)   The voice of Baldur's Gate 3's Astarion was asked to tone down the horny for his final romance scene: 'ONLY SLIGHTLY, NEIL' (PC Gamer)
05-10-23 (02:17)   'The Voice', 'AGT' & 'The Irrational' Help NBC To Premiere Week Win (Deadline.com)
04-10-23 (23:20)   Tuesday Ratings: NBC's Found Opens Well as The Voice Tops Night (TVLine)
04-10-23 (18:45)   Blake Shelton Posted For Gwen Stefani's Birthday, But Carson Daly's Comment Takes The Cake (Cinemabled)
04-10-23 (18:08)   Johnny Puff: Secret Mission featuring Johnny Depp as the voice of a puffin secures distribution for release (JoBlo.com)
04-10-23 (15:31)   'The Voice' Shocker: Gwen Steals Country Singer from Reba - Fans React (TV Insider)
04-10-23 (06:49)   'The Voice' Recap: Gwen Stefani Steals Four-Chair Turn Singer From Reba McEntire (AceShowbiz.com)
04-10-23 (05:45)   The Voice: Gwen Stefani And Reba McEntire's Most Surprising Picks Of The Night Involved Blake Shelton And A Christmas Album (Cinemabled)
04-10-23 (04:03)   The Voice Recap: Turn, Baby, Turn — Which Would-Be Winners Made Chairs Swivel on Night 4 of the Blinds? (TVLine)
04-10-23 (02:16)   Watch Gwen Stefani React to Niall Horan's Impression of Blake Shelton (E! Online)
03-10-23 (22:16)   Blake Shelton Proves He Doesn't Wanna Love Nobody But Gwen Stefani (E! Online)
03-10-23 (18:43)   'The Voice's' new season includes a John Legend doppelgänger: Meet Talakai (New York Post)
03-10-23 (18:31)   This John Legend Doppelgänger Has The Voice Judges in Shock (E! Online)
03-10-23 (15:31)   'The Voice': John Legend Meets His Incredible Lookalike on Show (VIDEO) (TV Insider)
03-10-23 (13:27)   Carson Daly uses Taylor Swift references to explain Kansas City Chiefs vs. New York Jets game (NME.COM)
03-10-23 (06:49)   'The Voice' Recap: John Legend's Lookalike, John and Niall Horan's Block Game (AceShowbiz.com)
03-10-23 (05:28)   The Voice Seems To Be Pitting John Legend Against Niall Horan This Season, But I'm Not Feeling The New Rivalry (Cinemabled)
03-10-23 (04:03)   The Voice Recap: Hear the Four-Chair Turn That Knocked the Coaches Out of Their Seats (TVLine)
02-10-23 (18:59)   Gwen Stefani Calls Getting With Her Former Voice Co-Star Blake Shelton 'Just A Big Old What?' But It's Honestly Super Sweet (Cinemabled)
02-10-23 (09:17)   Taylor Swift Appears On 'Sunday Night Football' With Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman & Blake Lively: NBC Sports Calls On Carson Daly To Explain Chiefs Vs Jets Game To Swifties (Deadline.com)
02-10-23 (03:49)   As Taylor Swift Attends Second (Star-Studded!) Chiefs Game, NBC Recruits Carson Daly to Explain Rules to New Fans — Watch Video (TVLine)
30-09-23 (12:31)   Michael Gambon, The Voice Of The Prophet In Elder Scrolls Online, Has Passed Away (Pure Xbox)
29-09-23 (16:45)   Blake Shelton Is Returning To TV After Leaving The Voice, And He'll Face Off Against Gwen Stefani Again (Cinemabled)
29-09-23 (03:31)   Blake Shelton Reveals the Epic Diss Toby Keith Once Gave Him on Tour (E! Online)
27-09-23 (22:03)   Ratings: Dancing With the Stars Returns Down After 1-Season Disney+ Detour (TVLine)
27-09-23 (20:55)   Dan + Shay on Rebounding From a Near-Breakup, Joining 'The Voice' as Coaches, and Coming Up WIth Three Different Kinds of Wedding Songs (Variety)
27-09-23 (16:02)   Watch Howie Mandel Crash 'The Voice' Set to Get Reba McEntire's Autograph (VIDEO) (TV Insider)
27-09-23 (06:49)   'The Voice' Recap: Tense Battle Between Coaches After Four-Chair Turn in Blind Auditions Part 2 (AceShowbiz.com)
27-09-23 (05:14)   Blake Shelton Isn't All The Voice Is Missing Through Two Episodes Of Season 24 So Far (Cinemabled)
27-09-23 (03:20)   The Voice Recap: [Spoiler] Wins the Battle for Mara Justine on Night 2 of the Blind Auditions (TVLine)
26-09-23 (18:02)   'The Voice' First Look: Ephraim Owens Wows With Chair-Turning Blind Audition (VIDEO) (TV Insider)
26-09-23 (09:20)   'The Voice' Season 24 Premiere Recap: Reba McEntire Makes Debut in First Round of Blind Auditions (AceShowbiz.com)
26-09-23 (05:45)   Blake Shelton May Be Gone From The Voice, But Gwen Stefani Made Sure He's Not Forgotten In Reba McEntire's Debut (Cinemabled)
26-09-23 (04:03)   The Voice Season 24 Premiere Recap: The Queen of Country Reigns Over the First of the Blind Auditions (TVLine)
26-09-23 (04:02)   'The Voice': How Was Reba McEntire as Season 24's New Coach? (POLL) (TV Insider)
26-09-23 (03:22)   What Happens If You Don't Vote In The Voice Referendum? (D'Marge)
26-09-23 (02:43)   'The Voice' Season 24 Feels Like a 'Rebirth' With New Coach Reba McEntire, EP Says (TheWrap.com)
25-09-23 (13:02)   Reba Joins 'The Voice,' Jesse L. Martin in 'Irrational,' 'Futurama' Finale, 'NCIS Day' on CBS (TV Insider)
23-09-23 (00:11)   'The Voice' Coaches 'Take It Easy' Before the Competition Begins (RollingStone.com)
22-09-23 (18:59)   I Love Blake Shelton As Much As The Next Person, But I Feel So Hard For The Voice Mentors Having To Deal With All The Questions This Season (Cinemabled)
21-09-23 (23:45)   The Voice Will Be Missing Blake Shelton This Season, But New Mentor Reba McEntire Says John Legend And Niall Have Been A Big Help (Cinemabled)
21-09-23 (17:02)   'The Voice': Reba McEntire Previews Heated Competition Among Coaches in Season 24 (TV Insider)
21-09-23 (05:14)   America's Got Talent Confirmed Season 18 Finalists (Including A Last-Minute Save), But Reba McEntire's Guest Performance Just Has Me Hyped For The Voice (Cinemabled)
20-09-23 (17:13)   Rhea Seehorn Joins the Voice Cast of 'Monster High' Season 1 [Exclusive] (Collider)
19-09-23 (00:02)   'The Voice': Reba Gets Competitive With 'Mean' Coaches in Season 24 Preview (VIDEO) (TV Insider)
18-09-23 (22:45)   See The Voice Coaches Call Out Blake Shelton in New Promo (E! Online)
16-09-23 (18:14)   As Reba McEntire Joins The Voice, She Shares Honest Thoughts On Replacing Blake Shelton As A Judge (Cinemabled)
15-09-23 (19:10)   Voicecaster Owner Reveals What Voice Actors Need to Be Successful: 'It's Not the Voice That Matters. It's What You Can Do With It' (Variety)
15-09-23 (14:31)   Reba McEntire Speaks Out About Replacing Blake Shelton on 'The Voice' and If She'll Be Mean Judge (TV Insider)
15-09-23 (04:46)   People's Choice Country Awards Sets Blake Shelton, Kelsea Ballerini, Toby Keith, Wynonna Judd & Other Performers (Deadline.com)
15-09-23 (01:59)   Wanna Feel Old? Carson Daly Reflected On 25 Years Since His MTV TRL Debut (Cinemabled)
15-09-23 (00:02)   People's Choice Country Awards: Blake Shelton, Wynonna Judd & More to Perform (TV Insider)
12-09-23 (16:42)   Sarah Natochenny Interview: The Voice of Ash Ketchum Says Goodbye to the Role (Screen Rant)
11-09-23 (00:45)   See The Voice Mentors Take Shots At One Another Over Blake Shelton's Exit In New Season 24 Trailer (Cinemabled)
08-09-23 (20:45)   I'm Still Sad About Blake Shelton's The Voice Exit, But It Sounds Like It's Been A 'Relief' For The Singer (Cinemabled)
08-09-23 (19:03)   Blake Shelton Feels Good to Spend More Time With Gwen Stefani After Leaving 'The Voice' (AceShowbiz.com)
07-09-23 (08:02)   Megan Fox Revealed As The Voice Of Nitara In New Mortal Kombat 1 Trailer (Pure Xbox)
06-09-23 (23:02)   'Star Trek: Lower Decks' Returns: See the Voice Cast Behind the Characters (TV Insider)
04-09-23 (01:45)   Former Contestant On The Voice Explains Why Winning The Show Is 'The Most Horrible Thing That Could Happen' (Cinemabled)
03-09-23 (17:22)   How a Sloppy Australian Conspiracy Unravelled in Just Two Weeks (The Daily Sceptic)
02-09-23 (20:54)   You can play all of Starfield with the voice of Adam Jensen by your side, and I very much recommend it (PC Gamer)
24-08-23 (15:04)   Gamescom Trailer Reveal: Space Opera 'Fort Solis' Stars Troy Baker, the Voice of Joel in 'The Last of Us' (Hollywood Reporter)
23-08-23 (21:43)   Christina Aguilera demanded MTV re-edit '03 VMA's to include Madonna smooch: former exec (New York Post)
22-08-23 (15:41)   Bossa Nova Doc 'Elis and Tom' Debuts Trailer, Sells to Outsider for U.S: 'It's Not Just the Voice That Sings' (EXCLUSIVE) (Variety)

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