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17-03-18 (01:38)   'American Idol' Can't Beat 'The Voice,' But At Least It Did Better Than 'Bachelor' Arie ? Ratings Watch (IndieWire)
16-03-18 (17:40)   Amazon Alexa's Brief Mode stops the voice assistant from saying, 'OK' - CNET (C-Net News.com)
16-03-18 (16:10)   Country Star Brett Young Stood Up 'The Voice' Before Finding Nashville Success (Variety)
16-03-18 (15:17)   'The Voice' Blind Audition Outtakes: Adam Jokes About Making Blake 'Suffer' - Watch (Hollywood Life)
16-03-18 (06:00)   Gwen Stefani Supporting Blake Shelton To Kick Katy Perry & 'American Idol's Butt In Ratings War (Hollywood Life)
15-03-18 (03:46)   Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani: How They've Kept Their Love 'Healthy & Happy' For So Long (Hollywood Life)
14-03-18 (03:28)   'The Voice' Recap: The Blind Auditions End with Powerful Performances and Stories (BuddyTV)
14-03-18 (02:03)   The Voice Recap: Who Was See-Worthy on the Final Night of the Blinds? (TVLine)
14-03-18 (02:00)   'The Voice' Recap: The Coaches Complete Their Teams As Blind Auditions Come To An End (Hollywood Life)
13-03-18 (18:57)   TV Ratings Report: The Voice Trounces American Idol (TV Fanatic)
13-03-18 (17:46)   'The Voice' Tops 'American Idol', Which Drops In Night 2 Ratings But Lifts 'The Good Doctor' (Deadline.com)
13-03-18 (16:55)   TV Ratings: 'American Idol' Falls to 'The Voice' in Monday Debut (Variety)
13-03-18 (16:51)   The Voice beats American Idol in first head-to-head battle (EW.com)
13-03-18 (16:20)   Ratings: American Idol Slips in Night 2, Easily Bested by The Voice (TVLine)
13-03-18 (13:31)   The Voice Coaches Can't Stop Insulting Adam Levine's Shirt (E! Online)
13-03-18 (05:14)   'The Voice' Recap: Is Kelly Clarkson the First Coach to Use the Block Successfully? (BuddyTV)
13-03-18 (05:00)   'The Voice' Recap: Kelly Clarkson Brought To Tears During Final Round Of Blind Auditions (Hollywood Life)
13-03-18 (03:03)   The Voice Recap: Which Night 5 Singers Left the Coaches Flying Blind? (TVLine)
13-03-18 (03:00)   'The Voice': Kelly Clarkson Sobs After A Contestant Sings Her Song 'Piece By Piece' (Hollywood Life)
12-03-18 (15:57)   Want to wake up every morning to Blake Shelton's voice? Alexa can make it so (Digital Trends)
12-03-18 (15:21)   Half Hour Happy Hour #185: We All Am Survived (Nerdist)
11-03-18 (19:16)   Is This The Voice's Most Formidable Coaching Line-Up Yet? (E! Online)
11-03-18 (19:16)   How Blake Shelton Paved the Way for Luke Bryan's American Idol Debut (E! Online)
10-03-18 (05:38)   'The Voice' Returns: Still a Steady, Formidable Player for NBC in Season 14 ? Ratings Watch (IndieWire)
10-03-18 (02:45)   Have Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera Finally Ended Their Feud? (E! Online)
10-03-18 (01:00)   Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton Look Madly In Love On Date In South Carolina Before His Show - Pics (Hollywood Life)
09-03-18 (17:02)   Carson Daly Reveals His Ongoing Struggle With Anxiety and Panic Attacks: "This Is Who I Am" (E! Online)
09-03-18 (12:31)   Why Kelly Clarkson's Been Waiting for a Moment Like This to Join The Voice (E! Online)
09-03-18 (05:17)   Christina Aguilera Squashes Longtime Feud With Britney Spears On 'National Women's Day' (Hollywood Life)
07-03-18 (19:03)   'The Bachelor: After the Final Rose' Lifts ABC, Dings 'The Voice' & 'This Is Us' On Tuesday (Deadline.com)
07-03-18 (16:45)   Luke Bryan Trash-Talks Blake Shelton on Late Night (E! Online)
07-03-18 (04:14)   'The Voice' Recap: A Soulful Dad Steals the Spotlight (BuddyTV)
07-03-18 (03:17)   'The Voice': 4-Chair Turn Brings The Judges To Tears On Night 4 Of Blind Auditions (Hollywood Life)
07-03-18 (03:03)   The Voice Night 4 Recap: Who Went From Blind Auditions to Additions? (TVLine)
06-03-18 (22:41)   Star Wars Rebels Series Finale Reveals The Voice Of Chopper (GameSpot)
06-03-18 (20:59)   Will These 2 Singers Break the Foreign Language Curse on 'The Voice'? (BuddyTV)
06-03-18 (19:22)   The Bachelor hits a season high but The Voice still rules (EW.com)
06-03-18 (18:18)   The Voice of Chopper Finally Revealed in 'Star Wars Rebels' Finale (SlashFilm)
06-03-18 (17:34)   Ratings: As The Bachelor Hits Finale Low, The Voice Ekes Out Monday Win (TVLine)
06-03-18 (05:28)   'The Voice' Recap: Which Coach is Devastated to Get Blocked? (BuddyTV)
06-03-18 (04:17)   'The Voice': Blind Auditions Pt. 3 Are So Intense That Alicia Sings Back To One Special Contestant (Hollywood Life)
06-03-18 (04:03)   The Voice Recap: Which Night 3 Blinds Made the Coaches See Stars? (TVLine)
05-03-18 (16:21)   Half Hour Happy Hour #184: Thistle Whistle (Nerdist)
02-03-18 (19:20)   Did Murder Slay Scandal in Crossover? Is The Voice Block Hurting Singers? Did Arrow Mix Up Canarys? And More TV Qs (TVLine)
02-03-18 (02:00)   Gwen Stefani Admits She's 'Missing' Blake Shelton In Sweet Message Before His Houston Concert (Hollywood Life)
01-03-18 (21:26)   Global Superstar Christina Aguilera Joins Emmy(R) Award-Winning "RuPaul's Drag Race" for Highly Anticipated Season 10 Premiere (The Futon Critic)
01-03-18 (20:37)   Christina Aguilera to appear on RuPaul's Drag Race season 10 (EW.com)
01-03-18 (20:20)   TVLine Items: Bebe's Good Fight, Xtina Is Race-y, Sweetbitter Taste and More (TVLine)
01-03-18 (15:16)   How Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton Took Their Super-Public Romance Off the Radar (E! Online)
28-02-18 (20:17)   'This Is Us' & 'The Voice' Dip But Lead NBC To Easy Demo Win; 'The Flash' Ties Series Low (Deadline.com)
28-02-18 (20:14)   Kelly Clarkson Is a Hilarious Breath of Fresh Air on 'The Voice' (BuddyTV)
28-02-18 (19:17)   ITV Chasing $40M In Unpaid Debts Over Talent Format 'The Voice' In China (Deadline.com)
28-02-18 (17:34)   Ratings: NCIS, The Flash Tie Lows (TVLine)
28-02-18 (04:00)   'The Voice' Recap: Blind Auditions Pt. 2 ? Kelly Gets Feisty & Almost Everyone Hits The High Notes (Hollywood Life)
28-02-18 (03:03)   The Voice Recap: 'Hi' Notes All Around on Night 2 of the Blind Auditions (TVLine)
27-02-18 (23:49)   Ratings: Good Doctor Returns to Lows, Beat in Time Slot by NBC's Good Girls (TVLine)
27-02-18 (15:54)   Watch Alicia Keys snidely use 'The Voice's' new 'block' against Blake Shelton during the night's only four-chair turn (Business Insider)
27-02-18 (13:16)   How JWoww Has Been the Voice of Reason On and Off Jersey Shore (E! Online)
27-02-18 (05:28)   'The Voice' Season 14 Premiere Recap: The Blind Auditions Begin with New Coach Kelly Clarkson (BuddyTV)
27-02-18 (04:17)   'The Voice' Recap: Season 14 Kicks Off With Epic Blind Auditions (Hollywood Life)
27-02-18 (04:16)   The Voice Season 14 Premiere: 6 Times Kelly Clarkson Totally Stole the Show (E! Online)
27-02-18 (04:03)   The Voice Season 14 Premiere Recap: The New Kid and the Block (TVLine)
26-02-18 (22:46)   Mashup Of YouTube Creators' Renditions Of Kelly Clarkson's "Medicine" Debuts With Season 14 Premiere Of 'The Voice' (Deadline.com)
26-02-18 (21:02)   See The Voice's New Block Button in Action Ahead of the Season 14 Premiere (E! Online)
26-02-18 (15:21)   Half Hour Happy Hour #183: Miss Givingson (Nerdist)
26-02-18 (14:31)   'The Voice': What You Need To Know About The Season 14 Coaches - Where's Miley & JHud? (Hollywood Life)
26-02-18 (14:17)   Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton Channel Daphne & Shaggy For Her Son's Scooby Doo Bday Bash (Hollywood Life)
26-02-18 (04:02)   Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton Wig Out at Apollo's Scooby-Doo Birthday Party (E! Online)
23-02-18 (18:31)   'The Voice' Sneak Peek: Blake Shelton Blocks Adam Levine During Amazing Blind Audition (Hollywood Life)
23-02-18 (17:08)   THE VOICE APPS REPORT: The issues with discoverability, monetization, and retention, and how to solve them (Business Insider)
21-02-18 (16:46)   Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani Reportedly Agree To Stop Trying For A Baby & Let It Happen 'Naturally' (Hollywood Life)
21-02-18 (16:00)   'The Voice' Season 14: New Advisors & The Game-Changing Twist You Need To Know About (Hollywood Life)
21-02-18 (01:37)   See The Voice coaches in an exclusive Rat Pack-inspired music video (EW.com)
20-02-18 (22:39)   Here's what every winner of 'The Voice' is up to now (Business Insider)
19-02-18 (16:21)   Half Hour Happy Hour #182: Glass Ceiling Face (Nerdist)
15-02-18 (23:31)   Christina Aguilera Strips Down for Naked Bathtub Photo Shoot (E! Online)
15-02-18 (16:27)   Christina Aguilera Superfan Johnny Weir Not Impressed by Russian 'Candyman' Routine (Vulture)
15-02-18 (01:45)   The Voice Coaches Campaign for Contestants With Drinks, Versatility and by Not Being Adam or Blake (E! Online)
12-02-18 (16:52)   Half Hour Happy Hour #181: Now That's a Dog (Nerdist)
09-02-18 (20:45)   French 'The Voice' Contestant Quits Show After Radical Islamic Sympathies Revealed (Breitbart.com)
05-02-18 (16:21)   Half Hour Happy Hour #180: Flames of Musk (Nerdist)
29-01-18 (18:48)   Voicelabs launches Alpine to bring retailers to the voice shopping ecosystem (TechCrunch)
29-01-18 (16:21)   Half Hour Happy Hour #179: Mostly Emails (Nerdist)
25-01-18 (19:07)   Christina Aguilera Drives 272 Feet Instead of Walking (TMZ.com)
25-01-18 (17:31)   Erika Jayne Performs "Fighter"--in Front of Christina Aguilera!--on Lip Sync Battle (E! Online)
24-01-18 (21:31)   The Voice: Trace Adkins Is Blake Shelton's Season 14 Advisor (E! Online)
23-01-18 (22:45)   Christina Aguilera Promises Her New Album Is "Coming" in Response to Fan's Clever Message (E! Online)
23-01-18 (18:25)   A-Rod is about to become the voice of baseball just 3 years after being the sport's biggest pariah (Business Insider)
23-01-18 (17:42)   When Does The Voice Return? (TVGuide.com)
23-01-18 (03:31)   The Internet Is Convinced Miranda Lambert's Lyric Change Is All About Blake Shelton (E! Online)
22-01-18 (16:21)   Half Hour Happy Hour #178: Sexy Apple Talk (Nerdist)
17-01-18 (11:25)   Rex Tillerson, reportedly the voice of restraint in the Trump administration, won't rule out a 'bloody nose' strike on North Korea (Business Insider)
16-01-18 (15:31)   Kelly Clarkson Makes The Voice Debut in First Season 14 Poster--Should American Idol Be Worried? (E! Online)
15-01-18 (16:21)   Half Hour Happy Hour #177: C.E.Yes (Nerdist)
14-01-18 (15:25)   Sorry, Siri, Alexa's got you beat ? Here's why Apple's going to lose the voice computing war to Amazon (AAPL, AMZN, GOOGL) (Business Insider)
13-01-18 (20:57)   Keith Jackson, the Voice of College Football, Dies at 89 (TVGuide.com)
12-01-18 (20:27)   Google won the voice assistant popularity contest at CES (Engadget)
12-01-18 (19:52)   Sting Headlines the Voice Cast of Where the Water Tastes Like Wine in New Trailer (DualShockers)
10-01-18 (21:16)   Kelly Clarkson Is a Voice Coach Because She Loves The Voice (E! Online)
10-01-18 (03:17)   Kelly Clarkson Prefers 'The Voice' To 'American Idol' Because Of Blind Auditions ? TCA (Deadline.com)
08-01-18 (16:37)   ABC midseason schedule: American Idol reboot to fight The Voice (EW.com)
08-01-18 (16:21)   Half Hour Happy Hour #176: 2018 Baby! (Nerdist)
06-01-18 (18:31)   Christina Aguilera Mourns Death of Dog Stinky With Video Tribute (E! Online)
04-01-18 (00:16)   Roku throws its hat into the voice assistant arena (TechnoBuffalo)
03-01-18 (22:45)   Is Blake Shelton Teaching Gwen Stefani's 11-Year-Old Son How to Drive? (E! Online)
03-01-18 (18:38)   Meet the Voice Behind MORTAL KOMBAT's "Finish Him!" (Nerdist)
03-01-18 (15:05)   Roku joins the voice computing market with smart soundbars, speakers and more built by partners (TechCrunch)
02-01-18 (17:24)   NBC Sued by Michelle Obama Guest Invited to 'The Voice' (TMZ.com)
01-01-18 (20:28)   The Voice of Reason: Jackie Mason's Best Celebrity Takedowns of 2017 (Video) (Breitbart.com)
01-01-18 (15:21)   Half Hour Happy Hour #175: Drunksmas Day 12 (Nerdist)
31-12-17 (15:21)   Half Hour Happy Hour #174: Drunksmas Day 11 (Nerdist)
30-12-17 (15:21)   Half Hour Happy Hour #173: Drunksmas Day 10 (Nerdist)
29-12-17 (15:21)   Half Hour Happy Hour #172: Drunksmas Day 9 (Nerdist)
28-12-17 (15:21)   Half Hour Happy Hour #171: Drunksmas Day 8 (Nerdist)
27-12-17 (16:52)   Fire Emblem Heroes Adds the Voice of Dreams, Gunnthra To The Battle (DualShockers)
27-12-17 (15:21)   Half Hour Happy Hour #170: Drunksmas Day 7 (Nerdist)
26-12-17 (15:21)   Half Hour Happy Hour #169: Drunksmas Day 6 (Nerdist)
25-12-17 (16:53)   Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani and Kids Attend Christmas Eve Church Service (TMZ.com)
25-12-17 (15:21)   Half Hour Happy Hour #168: Drunksmas Day 5 (Nerdist)
24-12-17 (15:21)   Half Hour Happy Hour #167: Drunksmas Day 4 (Nerdist)
23-12-17 (15:21)   Half Hour Happy Hour #166: Drunksmas Day 3 (Nerdist)
22-12-17 (19:34)   Did S.H.I.E.L.D. Spoil Reveal? Five-0's Best Future Shock? Dynamite Voice Duet? 'Waige' in Danger? And More Qs (TVLine)
22-12-17 (15:21)   Half Hour Happy Hour #165: Drunksmas Day 2 (Nerdist)
21-12-17 (15:21)   Half Hour Happy Hour #164: Drunksmas Day 1 (Nerdist)
20-12-17 (21:59)   Addison Agen Was the Most Unique Artist of 'The Voice' Season 13 (BuddyTV)
20-12-17 (18:55)   Tuesday's Broadcast Ratings: "The Voice" Finale Puts NBC on Top (The Futon Critic)
20-12-17 (18:17)   'The Voice' Ratings Fall To Winter Finale Low; NBC Still Wins Slow Night (Deadline.com)
20-12-17 (17:34)   Ratings: The Voice Ticks Up From Last Season's All-Time Finale Lows (TVLine)
20-12-17 (15:48)   'The Voice' winner is... (CNN.com)
20-12-17 (13:16)   The Voice Season 13 Crowns a Winner: Chloe Kohanski (E! Online)
20-12-17 (05:28)   'The Voice' Season 13 Finale Recap: And the Winner Is... (BuddyTV)
20-12-17 (05:03)   The Voice Season 13 Finale Recap: Was the Right Singer Named the Winner? (TVLine)
20-12-17 (03:23)   'The Voice' 2017 Live Winner Results: Who Season 13 Tonight? (Heavy.com)
20-12-17 (02:37)   'The Voice' 2017 Finalists & Season 13 Finale Performances (Heavy.com)
20-12-17 (02:16)   Christina Aguilera Just Made Her Birthday Party Nice With a Personal Real Housewives Twister Game (E! Online)
20-12-17 (02:06)   Will Chloe Kohanski or Addison Agen Win 'The Voice' Season 13? (Heavy.com)
20-12-17 (01:37)   'The Voice' Season 13 Live Stream: How to Watch the Finale Online (Heavy.com)
19-12-17 (19:09)   Monday's Broadcast Ratings: NBC, "The Voice" Hold Off Competition (The Futon Critic)
19-12-17 (17:34)   Ratings: Ellen's Games a Big Winner for NBC, Man With a Plan Hits Series Low (TVLine)
19-12-17 (14:14)   'The Voice' Finale Prediction: Who Will Win Season 13? (BuddyTV)
19-12-17 (05:16)   The Voice Season 13: Who Should Win? (E! Online)
19-12-17 (04:28)   'The Voice' Recap: The Final 4 Perform (BuddyTV)
19-12-17 (04:03)   The Voice Performance Finale: Is the Title Still Chloe Kohanski's to Lose? (TVLine)
19-12-17 (01:31)   The Voice Winner Alisan Porter Announces Separation From Husband Brian Autenrieth (E! Online)
18-12-17 (21:06)   'The Voice' Voting: How to Vote for Season 13 Finalists (Heavy.com)
18-12-17 (16:21)   Half Hour Happy Hour #163: #Aliens Are Real (Nerdist)
18-12-17 (05:31)   Christina Aguilera, Beyoncé and More Stars Step Out With Their Kids for Disney on Ice (E! Online)
17-12-17 (00:02)   Christina Aguilera Gets "Dirrty" Again as Sexy Cowgirl With Nipple Pasty (E! Online)
14-12-17 (21:07)   The Voice of GLaDOS Sings a Song About the Electromagnetic Spectrum (Nerdist)
14-12-17 (20:07)   Jennifer Hudson's Ex Says She's Using 'The Voice' to Trash Him (TMZ.com)
14-12-17 (02:38)   Ellen McLain Returns as the Voice of GLaDOS in Bridge Constructor Portal (PlayStation LifeStyle)
13-12-17 (22:26)   Tuesday's Broadcast Ratings: NBC, "The Voice" Hold Off the Demo Competition (The Futon Critic)
13-12-17 (19:32)   ABC Comedies Clock Christmas-Themed Climb; NBC's 'The Voice' Dominates Demo (Deadline.com)
13-12-17 (17:14)   Effortless thinking: Beware the voice of your inner child (Newscientist.com)
13-12-17 (03:28)   'The Voice' Results: The Top 4 are Revealed (BuddyTV)
13-12-17 (03:03)   The Voice Top 8 Results Show Recap: Which Singers Survived the Bloodbath? (TVLine)
12-12-17 (22:14)   'The Voice' Predictions: Which 4 Singers Will Be in the Finals? (BuddyTV)
12-12-17 (19:26)   Monday's Broadcast Ratings: "The Voice" Keeps NBC on Top in Viewers, Demos (The Futon Critic)
12-12-17 (04:45)   'The Voice' Recap: The Top 8 Perform (BuddyTV)
12-12-17 (03:22)   Star Wars: Frank Oz, the Voice of Yoda, Has Joined Twitter (Comicbook.com)
11-12-17 (23:06)   LISTEN: Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani's Christmas Song 'You Make It Feel Like Christmas' (Heavy.com)
11-12-17 (21:52)   'The Voice' Season 13 Semi-Finalists: Meet the Remaining Top 8 Contestants (Heavy.com)
11-12-17 (16:21)   Half Hour Happy Hour #162: I'm Oprah! (Nerdist)
11-12-17 (15:23)   'The Voice' Voting: How to Vote for Season 13 Contestants - Top 8 (Heavy.com)
10-12-17 (01:53)   Mashrou' Leila: The voice of Middle East youth (BBC News)
09-12-17 (00:17)   'Nashville' Casts Holland's 'The Voice' Judge Ilse DeLange In Recurring Role (Deadline.com)
08-12-17 (21:40)   WATCH: 'The Voice' Contestant Brooke Simpson Delivers Moving Rendition Of 'Amazing Grace' (Daily Wire)
08-12-17 (18:31)   Gwen Stefani's and Blake Shelton's Yearbook Photos Prove They Could Have Won Cutest Couple (E! Online)
07-12-17 (06:40)   Ryan Reynolds Will Provide the Voice of Detective Pikachu (Nintendo Life)
06-12-17 (17:34)   Ratings: The Voice, Will & Grace Christmas Episode Dominate Tuesday (TVLine)
06-12-17 (03:45)   'The Voice' Results: Who Goes Home from the Top 10? (BuddyTV)
06-12-17 (03:03)   The Voice Top 10 Results Show Recap: Which Two Singers Exited Stage Left? (TVLine)
05-12-17 (20:09)   Monday's Broadcast Ratings: NBC Stays on Top with "The Voice" (The Futon Critic)
05-12-17 (18:03)   'Monday Night Football' Ratings Score, 'The Voice' & 'Good Doctor' Unchanged (Deadline.com)
05-12-17 (16:27)   The Voice Star Melanie Martinez Denies Rape Allegations From Her Former Friend (Vulture)
05-12-17 (14:45)   'The Voice' Predictions: Who Will Make the Top 8? (BuddyTV)
05-12-17 (04:28)   'The Voice' Recap: The Top 10 Perform (BuddyTV)
05-12-17 (04:03)   The Voice Top 10 Performance Recap: Just Singing for Second Place (TVLine)
05-12-17 (00:52)   Addison Agen, 'The Voice': 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know (Heavy.com)
04-12-17 (22:37)   'The Voice' Voting: How to Vote for Season 13 Contestants - Top 10 (Heavy.com)
04-12-17 (16:21)   Half Hour Happy Hour #161: Snuba Party (Nerdist)
03-12-17 (00:03)   The Voice Top 10 Ranked: The Winner of Season 13 Is (Most Likely) Going to Be... (TVLine)
02-12-17 (14:54)   Amazon's Alexa is leading the voice-computing market ? but the company's openness to rivals shows it's thinking through the implications (AMZN) (Business Insider)
01-12-17 (23:16)   Kelly Clarkson Dishes on Double Date With Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani (E! Online)
30-11-17 (21:37)   Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani and Paul Ryan Were Spotted Together in Oklahoma (Heavy.com)
29-11-17 (19:45)   'The Voice' Instant Save Doesn't Protect the Best Artist in the Competition (BuddyTV)
29-11-17 (03:45)   'The Voice' Results: Who Advances to the Top 10? (BuddyTV)
29-11-17 (03:03)   The Voice Top 11 Results Show Recap: Did the Right Singer Get the Boot? (TVLine)
28-11-17 (20:14)   'The Voice' Viewers Should Choose More Songs for the Artists (BuddyTV)
28-11-17 (20:09)   Monday's Broadcast Ratings: NBC, "The Voice" Reclaim Demo Crown (The Futon Critic)
28-11-17 (04:59)   'The Voice' Recap: The Top 11 Perform (BuddyTV)
28-11-17 (04:03)   The Voice Top 11 Performance Recap: Songs in the Key of Life or Death (TVLine)
28-11-17 (01:23)   'The Voice' Voting: How to Vote for Season 13 Contestants - Top 11 (Heavy.com)
27-11-17 (16:21)   Half Hour Happy Hour #160: Facial Awareness (Nerdist)
27-11-17 (01:02)   Gwen Stefani's Sons Go Country for Oklahoma Holiday Weekend With Blake Shelton (E! Online)
24-11-17 (18:02)   Gwen Stefani Gushes Over "Best Thanksgiving" With Blake Shelton in Sweet PDA Post (E! Online)
24-11-17 (05:31)   Carson Daly Uses His Late Mom's Recipes to Make Thanksgiving Dinner (E! Online)
22-11-17 (16:22)   Pitch Perfect 3 stars sing aca-awesome mashup with The Voice top 12 (EW.com)
22-11-17 (14:31)   Gwen Stefani Reveals the Hilarious Christmas Gift She's Getting Blake Shelton (E! Online)
22-11-17 (03:45)   'The Voice' Results: Who Goes Home from the Top 12? (BuddyTV)
22-11-17 (03:08)   Watch the Bellas from Pitch Perfect 3 and The Voice's Top 12 Sing Together (ComingSoon.com)
22-11-17 (03:03)   The Voice Top 12 Results Show Recap: Was the Right Singer Sent Packing? (TVLine)
22-11-17 (02:23)   'The Voice' Results 2017: Top 11 Contestants Revealed Live - Season 13 (Heavy.com)
22-11-17 (02:02)   The Voice, Pitch Perfect 3 Team for Your New Favorite Mash-Up (E! Online)
22-11-17 (00:52)   'The Voice' Voting 2017: How to Vote for the Instant Save Tonight - 11/21/2017 (Heavy.com)
21-11-17 (15:08)   Pink shuts down speculation over feud with Christina Aguilera (EW.com)
21-11-17 (15:02)   Pink Slams Christina Aguilera Feud Rumors, Calls 2017 AMAs a "Celebration of Women" (E! Online)
21-11-17 (04:59)   'The Voice' Recap: The Top 12 Perform (BuddyTV)
21-11-17 (04:03)   The Voice Top 12 Performance Recap: Who Rocked You Enough for a Vote? (TVLine)
21-11-17 (01:06)   'The Voice' Voting: How to Vote for Season 13 Contestants - Top 12 (Heavy.com)
20-11-17 (22:24)   Pat Houston Calls Christina Aguilera's Whitney Houston Tribute 'Fabulous' (TMZ.com)
20-11-17 (18:13)   Stop Trying to Make Pink Versus Christina Aguilera Happen (Again) (Vulture)
20-11-17 (17:42)   No, P!nk was not throwing shade at Christina Aguilera's AMAs tribute (Mashable)
20-11-17 (16:33)   Pink denies shading Christina Aguilera (CNN.com)
20-11-17 (16:21)   Half Hour Happy Hour #159: Spider Meet Fire (Nerdist)
20-11-17 (16:07)   Christina Aguilera's Reaction to P!nk's Alleged AMAs Shade (TMZ.com)
20-11-17 (15:54)   Google Assistant has a huge advantage in the voice assistant market (GOOGL) (Business Insider)
20-11-17 (15:16)   Pink Slams "Negative Nancys" Who Claim She Cringed During Christina Aguilera's 2017 AMAs Performance (E! Online)
20-11-17 (15:08)   Pink responds to claims she cringed during Christina Aguilera's Whitney Houston tribute at AMAs (EW.com)
20-11-17 (14:28)   Rita Ora's attempt to prank a German singing show went hilariously, awkwardly wrong (Mashable)
20-11-17 (06:28)   Christina Aguilera pays tribute to Whitney Houston with 'I Will Always Love You' (Mashable)
20-11-17 (04:02)   Christina Aguilera's Whitney Houston Tribute Brings the Crowd to Its Feet at the 2017 AMAs (E! Online)
20-11-17 (03:34)   Christina Aguilera's Whitney Houston Tribute at 2017 AMAs ? Watch & Grade (TVLine)
20-11-17 (03:23)   WATCH: Christina Aguilera Performs Whitney Houston Tribute at AMAs 2017 (Heavy.com)
20-11-17 (03:22)   Christina Aguilera honors Whitney Houston with moving Bodyguard performance at AMAs (EW.com)
20-11-17 (00:37)   Christina Aguilera to Perform Whitney Houston 'The Bodyguard' Tribute at 2017 AMAs (Heavy.com)
18-11-17 (01:08)   Playmobil: Wendi McLendon-Covey Joins the Voice Cast (ComingSoon.com)
17-11-17 (21:22)   No one recognized Rita Ora on The Voice in Germany (EW.com)
17-11-17 (16:25)   Blake Shelton reads mean tweets about his 'Sexiest Man Alive' title ? and it's hilarious (Business Insider)
17-11-17 (16:20)   Jennifer Hudson Is Hated by Almost Everyone on 'The Voice' Due to Diva Behavior (AceShowbiz.com)
17-11-17 (01:16)   Blake Shelton Reads His "Favorite Mean Posts" About "Sexiest Man Alive" Title (E! Online)
17-11-17 (00:24)   Blake Shelton Responds to 'Sexiest Man Alive' Haters (TMZ.com)
16-11-17 (22:59)   The 12 sexiest men alive that aren't Blake Shelton, thank God (Mashable)
16-11-17 (20:14)   Meet the Top 12 Contestants of 'The Voice' Season 13 (BuddyTV)
16-11-17 (16:08)   Christina Aguilera brings real-life Wonder boy's family to tears with 'Beautiful' performance (EW.com)
16-11-17 (14:13)   Dwayne 'the Rock' Johnson has a theory about why he was usurped as sexiest man alive (Mashable)
16-11-17 (13:16)   Sexiest Man Alive Blake Shelton: "I Had Been Fat and Ugly My Whole Life" (E! Online)
16-11-17 (04:59)   The Voice Recap: The Playoffs Continue and Miley Announces Her Comeback Artist (BuddyTV)
16-11-17 (04:18)   'The Voice': Season 13 Has Its Top 12 (Hollywood Reporter)
16-11-17 (04:03)   The Voice Playoffs, Night 3, Recap: So, Did They Save the Best for Last? (TVLine)
16-11-17 (03:02)   Gwen Stefani Dishes on Blake Shelton's Sexiest Man Alive Honor: "How Rad Is My Life Right Now?" (E! Online)
16-11-17 (01:59)   What is Blake Shelton hiding behind his head? (Mashable)
15-11-17 (21:31)   Blake Shelton Gets Backlash Over "Sexiest Man Alive" Title (E! Online)
15-11-17 (21:13)   I work for 'People' and I am unreasonably obsessed with Blake Shelton (Mashable)
15-11-17 (19:18)   TV Ratings: 'This Is Us' and 'The Voice' Drive NBC's Tuesday (Hollywood Reporter)
15-11-17 (18:48)   Blake Shelton named 'Sexiest Man Alive' (CNN.com)
15-11-17 (04:44)   Blake Shelton Unseats The Rock as People's Sexiest Man Alive (Vulture)
15-11-17 (03:59)   'The Voice' Recap: The Playoffs Continue with Adam Levine's Team (BuddyTV)
15-11-17 (03:18)   'The Voice': Adam Levine Cuts Team in Half on Second Night of Playoffs (Hollywood Reporter)
15-11-17 (03:03)   Blake Shelton named People's 2017 'Sexiest Man Alive' (Reuters)
15-11-17 (03:03)   The Voice Playoffs, Night 2, Recap: Things Can Only Get Better (TVLine)
15-11-17 (03:02)   Blake Shelton Is People's Sexiest Man Alive 2017 (E! Online)
14-11-17 (20:02)   Carson Daly Shares Touching Tribute About His Late Mother's Special Bond With Jimmy Fallon's Late Mother (E! Online)
14-11-17 (05:45)   'The Voice' Recap: The Playoffs Begin with Jennifer Hudson and Blake Shelton's Teams (BuddyTV)
14-11-17 (04:18)   'The Voice': Team Jennifer and Team Blake Compete for Top 12 (Hollywood Reporter)
14-11-17 (04:03)   The Voice Playoffs, Night 1, Recap: Which Singers Sang Their Swan Songs? (TVLine)
14-11-17 (02:37)   'The Voice' 2017 Results: Who Got Eliminated & Was Saved Tonight? (Heavy.com)
14-11-17 (01:52)   Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Not Planning to Elope (Heavy.com)
14-11-17 (01:37)   'The Voice' 2017 Schedule & Show Times for Season 13 (Heavy.com)
13-11-17 (22:06)   'The Voice' 2017 Winners for Comeback Contestants (Heavy.com)
13-11-17 (16:21)   Half Hour Happy Hour #158: Manna From Heaven (Nerdist)
09-11-17 (18:31)   Garth Brooks Admits to Lip Syncing at the 2017 CMA Awards: "The Voice Is Just Not There" (E! Online)
09-11-17 (15:51)   Watch Blake Shelton, Little Big Town, and more country stars read Mean Tweets (EW.com)
09-11-17 (14:16)   Blake Shelton, Lady Antebellum, Little Big Town and More Country Stars Read "Mean Tweets" on Jimmy Kimmel Live! (E! Online)
08-11-17 (11:42)   Chris Evans' dog has the voice of an angel, a very good angel (Mashable)
08-11-17 (04:14)   'The Voice' Recap: The Knockouts End with a Shocking Decision By Adam Levine (BuddyTV)
08-11-17 (03:18)   'The Voice': Jennifer Hudson Uses Final Steal on Last Night of Knockouts (Hollywood Reporter)
08-11-17 (03:03)   The Voice Recap: After the Last of the Knockouts, the Winner's Likely to Be... (TVLine)
07-11-17 (18:12)   LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Enlists SLEEPY HOLLOW & ELEMENTARY Alum John Noble As The Voice Of Mallus (Comic Book Movie)
07-11-17 (05:45)   'The Voice' Recap: Miley Cyrus Uses Her Steal on a Surprise Performer (BuddyTV)
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07-11-17 (01:06)   'The Voice' 2017: Kelly Clarkson as Key Adviser (Heavy.com)
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04-11-17 (15:53)   Christina Aguilera Says Her Shirt Says Everything About Harvey Weinstein (TMZ.com)
04-11-17 (13:16)   Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton Ring in 2 Years of Love: Looking Back at Their Relationship Timeline (E! Online)
02-11-17 (17:17)   Former AOL Exec & 'The Voice' EP Launch Media Company For Sneakerheads (Deadline.com)
01-11-17 (23:58)   THE LION KING: Disney (Finally) Confirms Beyoncé As The Voice Of Nala & Reveals The Entire Voice Cast (Comic Book Movie)
01-11-17 (03:03)   'The Voice: Neon Dreams' Set To Open In Las Vegas With Former Contestants (Deadline.com)
31-10-17 (20:02)   Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani's Romance Makes Adam Levine Want to "Vomit" (E! Online)
31-10-17 (19:04)   TV Ratings: ABC's 'Good Doctor' Tops 'The Voice' And All of Monday (Hollywood Reporter)
31-10-17 (18:47)   Jimmy Fallon Serenades Blake Shelton With His New Single "I'll Name the Dogs" (Hollywood Reporter)
31-10-17 (05:14)   'The Voice' Recap: The Knockouts Begin with Adviser Kelly Clarkson (BuddyTV)
31-10-17 (04:18)   'The Voice': Season 13's Knockout Round Starts With an Early Steal (Hollywood Reporter)
31-10-17 (03:03)   The Voice Knockouts Recap: Did an American Idol Have the X Factor? (TVLine)
30-10-17 (22:23)   'The Voice' Season 13 Time Schedule: When Do the 2017 Live Shows Start? (Heavy.com)
30-10-17 (17:40)   Multiplatinum-Selling Artist Christina Aguilera to Honor Whitney Houston and the 25th Anniversary of the Film "The Bodyguard" with Musical Tribute at the "2017 American Music Awards(R)," November 19, on ABC (The Futon Critic)
30-10-17 (17:16)   Christina Aguilera Will Honor Whitney Houston and The Bodyguard's 25th Anniversary at the 2017 AMAs (E! Online)
30-10-17 (16:22)   Christina Aguilera 'excited, honored, and humbled' to perform Whitney Houston tribute at AMAs (EW.com)
30-10-17 (15:21)   Half Hour Happy Hour #156: 4 5 Fun (Nerdist)
29-10-17 (18:03)   Quotes of the Week: The Walking Dead, Once, The Voice, This Is Us and More (TVLine)
28-10-17 (03:13)   Connie Britton Is The Voice Guiding You Through Trauma In The First 9-1-1 Teaser (Vulture)
26-10-17 (20:47)   Carson Daly Talks Stepfather's Death in 'Today' Return (Hollywood Reporter)
25-10-17 (06:14)   'The Voice' Recap: The Battle Rounds End with Blake Shelton's Final Steal (BuddyTV)
25-10-17 (03:18)   'The Voice': Blake Shelton Uses Final Steal on Last Night of Battles (Hollywood Reporter)
25-10-17 (03:03)   The Voice Recap: Were the Last of Season 13's Battles... Knockouts? (TVLine)
25-10-17 (02:45)   Carson Daly's Stepfather Passes Away One Month After Mom's Death (E! Online)
24-10-17 (18:26)   Monday's Broadcast Ratings: "The Voice"-Fueled NBC Tops Demos Once Again (The Futon Critic)
24-10-17 (05:28)   'The Voice' Recap: Miley Cyrus Surprises Everyone with Her Steal (BuddyTV)
24-10-17 (04:18)   'The Voice': Three Steals on Third Night of Battles (Hollywood Reporter)
24-10-17 (04:03)   The Voice Recap: Pump Up the Volume (TVLine)
23-10-17 (20:52)   'The Voice' Judges 2018: Alicia Keys Returns for Season 14 (Heavy.com)
23-10-17 (20:03)   'The Voice': Kelly Clarkson To Serve As Adviser For Knockout Rounds (Deadline.com)
23-10-17 (16:21)   Half Hour Happy Hour #155: Bitcoin Talk (Nerdist)
21-10-17 (01:44)   Pink Fondly Looks Back on the Night a Young Christina Aguilera Tried to Punch Her in a Club (Vulture)
20-10-17 (16:02)   This Team Miley Cyrus The Voice Battle Rounds Performance Is Simply Beautiful (E! Online)
20-10-17 (14:31)   Pink Reveals Christina Aguilera Tried to Punch Her in a Club (E! Online)
20-10-17 (07:01)   Five Times Where the Voice of Andy Serkis Absolutely Ruled (TVOvermind)
18-10-17 (20:11)   Alicia Keys Is Returning to The Voice Next Season (TVGuide.com)
18-10-17 (19:59)   Alicia Keys Is Returning to 'The Voice' for Season 14 (BuddyTV)
18-10-17 (19:26)   Alicia Keys Makes Her Triumphant Return as 15-Time Grammy Award Winner Reclaims a Red Chair on Season 14 of "The Voice" (The Futon Critic)
18-10-17 (19:20)   Alicia Keys Returning to The Voice (TVLine)
18-10-17 (19:16)   Alicia Keys Is Returning to The Voice for Season 14 (E! Online)
18-10-17 (19:08)   Alicia Keys returns to The Voice as fourth coach: 'Defending my crown!' (EW.com)
18-10-17 (19:04)   Alicia Keys Returning to 'The Voice' for Season 14 (Hollywood Reporter)
18-10-17 (19:03)   Alicia Keys Returns To NBC's 'The Voice' (Deadline.com)
18-10-17 (05:59)   'The Voice' Recap: The Battle Rounds Get Intense as Adam Steals a Singer (BuddyTV)
18-10-17 (03:18)   'The Voice': Second Night of Battles Brings One More Steal (Hollywood Reporter)
18-10-17 (03:03)   The Voice Recap: It's Outdo or Bye on Night 2 of the Battle Rounds (TVLine)
18-10-17 (02:06)   'The Voice' Results: Season 13 Episode 7 & 8 Eliminations (Heavy.com)
17-10-17 (19:04)   TV Ratings: 'Good Doctor' Lifts ABC's Monday, 'The Voice' Propels NBC Win (Hollywood Reporter)
17-10-17 (16:52)   Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know (Heavy.com)
17-10-17 (05:59)   'The Voice' Recap: The Battle Rounds Begin with a Lot of Steals (BuddyTV)
17-10-17 (04:18)   'The Voice': Season 13's Battle Round Begins (Hollywood Reporter)
17-10-17 (04:03)   The Voice Recap: Battle Stations! (TVLine)
17-10-17 (00:37)   'The Voice' Season 13 Contestants & Teams So Far - Battle Rounds (Heavy.com)
17-10-17 (00:16)   The Voice's Miley Cyrus Reveals Her "Worst Nightmare" & It Involves Dad Billy Ray Cyrus! (E! Online)
16-10-17 (23:45)   Is Jennifer Hudson a Better Judge on 'The Voice' Because of 'American Idol'? (BuddyTV)
16-10-17 (20:37)   'The Voice' Judges 2017: Season 13 Coaches & Advisers (Heavy.com)
16-10-17 (16:21)   Half Hour Happy Hour #154: Elon Make It Better (Nerdist)
16-10-17 (16:04)   MIPCOM: Talpa Launches 'The Voice Senior' (Hollywood Reporter)
16-10-17 (14:17)   Talpa Preps 'Lost In Translation' Global Reality Format & 'The Voice Senior' - Mipcom (Deadline.com)
14-10-17 (21:20)   The Voice Season 13 Countdown: Ranking the 10 Best Blind Auditions (TVLine)
13-10-17 (02:57)   How to change the voice of Google Home - CNET (C-Net News.com)
12-10-17 (13:40)   Random: The Voice Of Mario Once Rapped As Dracula For A Corporate Video (Nintendo Life)
11-10-17 (16:54)   Andy Serkis reveals how he came up with the voice of Snoke for the 'Star Wars' movies (Business Insider)
11-10-17 (08:14)   'The Voice' Recap: Does Miley Cyrus Form an All-Female Team? (BuddyTV)
11-10-17 (03:18)   'The Voice': Blind Auditions Come to a Close (Hollywood Reporter)
11-10-17 (03:03)   The Voice Recap: Ladies' Night (TVLine)
10-10-17 (05:59)   'The Voice' Recap: Blake and Miley Battle It Out to Land the Best Singers on Their Teams (BuddyTV)
10-10-17 (04:33)   'The Voice': Night Five of Blind Auditions Ends with a Four-Chair Turn (Hollywood Reporter)
10-10-17 (04:03)   The Voice Recap: Third Try Blind (TVLine)
10-10-17 (01:02)   Blake Shelton & Adam Levine Are Feuding Like Real Housewives Yet Again on The Voice (E! Online)
09-10-17 (22:58)   TEEN TITANS GO! TO THE MOVIES Promo Poster Revealed; Will Arnett And Kristen Bell Join The Voice Cast (Comic Book Movie)
09-10-17 (20:07)   Half Hour Happy Hour #153: Snopes Everything (Nerdist)
09-10-17 (20:06)   Jon Mero - 'The Voice' 2017 Contestants & Teams So Far (Heavy.com)
07-10-17 (20:25)   The voice of boxing to call out F1 title rivals (Reuters)
06-10-17 (16:04)   How 'The Voice' Creator Cracked China's TV Market ? Then Didn't (Hollywood Reporter)
06-10-17 (16:04)   'The Voice' Creator John de Mol on Searching for Reality TV's "Next Big Thing" (Hollywood Reporter)
04-10-17 (22:45)   'The Voice' Contestant Stephan Marcellus Explains What Went Wrong with His Blind Audition (BuddyTV)

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